My journey into parenting and fatherhood began with Frankie.

I met my wife Stacey in 2013. It was clear we had a connection, she also had a five year old daughter. We felt it wise to wait a while before I met her. She had experienced disappointment and we wanted to be sure I wasn’t going to be another. Embarking on a new relationship can be a daunting experience, with new personalities and dynamics, we both had pasts. Frankie had also lost her Dad three years before so I knew that it would be two very special relationships I would have to work at. I was ready for both.

Frankie has the sort of presence that warms you. She is kind, wise beyond her years and carries a strong sense of right and wrong.  She is bright and funny, and welcomed me into her life.

Being entrusted with Frankie was an opportunity for me to learn. To help me discover that I could be a father. To keep myself in check so to lead by example. She is one of my greatest teachers.

It is my relationship with Frankie that gave me the confidence to be able to meet what was to come with courage and a sense of purpose.


she is my number one