It is a given that Triplets bring a little shock and attention to passers-by , as we are reminded each time we go shopping, usually trying to navigate around the gathered crowds in the isle.

Questions come thick and fast, as do the comments. Answers,  and the severity of the level of sarcasm , or sensible answer are usually based on how much sleep was obtained the previous night. (Little old ladies wanting a look excluded)

Here are some favourites. I will constantly update they continue to be presented


Q – “oh my god, how are you going to manage” ?

A – “like a boss”

( Stacey is one day going to burst into dramatic tears and scream that she’s not, simply to see the reaction)


Q- “how did that happen”?

A – “well it all begins with a mans penis, and a woman’s vagina”……..


Q- “Did you know you were having triplets”?

A- ?


Q- “if I found out I was having triplets id kill myself”

A- (from Stacey) “ouch, really? And how would you do that”?


Q- “Are you tired”?

A- “lol”


Q- “How are you going to afford it “?

A- “I got absolutely no idea but I’ve started by selling all my wife’s shoes”