This is a separate page, dedicated to my experience with chronic nerve pain and the symptoms that have resulted from my condition.

If you are already a follower of my blog you will know that my life has taken quite a different turn since the summer of 2018. So I have created this page specifically to document and share my experience with Central pain syndrome. A rare nerve disorder in which the pain signals being sent to my brain through my spinal column and brain stem have gone haywire.

I have discovered over the years that writing my experience does not only benefit me, but also others. So if it’s my life as a father to triplets that interests you, those posts will all be found in the ‘home life blog’ on the menu of my front page.

If you are interested in my journey with chronic pain, and more importantly how I am working to manage life with this brutal condition. It is here you will find my ramblings as I get to grips with a broken central nervous system that is taking on a life of its own.