Day 5,098,765,43…..

Hiya guys. How is every one doing? I know I’ve been AWOL lately, but if I’m honest. I was struggling!! I was struggling with some anxiety, I haven’t had anxiety for a really long time. But seems this covid19 pandemic threw me through a loop. The not knowing, or in my case the knowing too much! I was watching every alert from the news channels and reading every post on facebook. I thought I was feeling ok about what was going on, but I wasnt. I started getting heart pulpitations and felt the panic rising in me.

After some gentle pointing in the direction from si I again began using the meditation he uses. I’ve jumped in and out of the meditation, which is definitely not the way to use it. But I must be honest it works. I’m back on track and my mind is much clearer now.

If you are having any difficulties with anxiety or fear surrounding covid19 then I would definitely say give the meditation a try. If not and your coping great. Well done you!

Any way, back to why I began Stacey’s corner. Keeping the kids occupied. I’ve got tons of ideas.

Over the easter holidays we enjoyed face paints, the girls loved this!! It was so much fun and the girls loved it. And so did me, si and frankie. Great fun. Get yourself a face paint kit if you haven’t already got one.

We also did a easter egg hunt, that was 45 mins well spent. The kids loved it. And it’s not just for easter, you can have a scavenger hunt any time of the year. We do.

Switch up the walk outside every day. Sometimes we take our bikes, sometimes the girls push pushchairs. We go dressed as bunnies and go on a bunny hop walk. (We did this at easter). Or dress up as fairies. Take the scavenger hunt outside. Give you little one a list of things they need to find while out.

With the learning I’ve tried to stick to a theme each week. So last week we did shapes and colours alternate each day. This week it’s numbers and the alphabet.

Yesterday we played an egg and spoon race, counting as they go to 10. They loved this do much we played it again today.

Today we fished for letters and we sang the alphabet song as we did it.

Yesterday we also filled 3 balloons with water and added glitter and a toy and put it in the freezer. Today we melted it with water and smashed with spoons to try to get the toy out of the ice.

Here a few things we’ve been getting up too. All of these have been a success and kept them entertained. I hope they work for your little ones.

Stay safe.

Love Stac. X

Stacey’s corner-Day 4


So today’s be a busy day, the babies are still under the weather but they do seem better today than yesterday.

We finally managed to get round to doing leaf rubbing. It worked out good, it kept them busy for 30 mins any way.

Si started painting the fence and I cleaned the girls trampoline. They were very happy that was up and running. That was hours of fun!

20200323_113029Me and frankie went for a run for her p.e. lesson today. It was lovely to get out in the sunshine, and every one stuck to the social distances rules.


So a fun arts and crafts project I want to share with you that my girls love, is sticking. So I cut out shapes from card, christmas i cut out christmas trees and Angel’s. Valentine’s day I cut out hearts. For easter I’ll do eggs and bunnies.

Then I cut pieces of card into small pieces, all different shapes, sizes and colours. Then I give the girls a glue stick and let them stick the pieces onto the shape. Like a mosaic. They love it.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to do a scavenger hunt. Maybe I’ll get the water table out. More on this tomorrow.

Keep safe.

Stac. X

Stacey’s corner – day 3

Hiya. So I didn’t do every thing I planned to do today. I went out this morning to the supermarket to get a few bits, and my mother in law a few bits and dropped them round to her.

We went for a lovely walk and took the trio’s tandem trike and for the spare baby a pushchair to push. We collected some leaves, and plan on doing some leaf rubbing.

We’ll do this tomorrow now as we ran out of time. All you need for this is; leaves, crayons, paper and baking paper or tracing paper. More on this tomorrow.

I spoke to an old friend today on a video call which was lovely, and I urge you all to do video calls with friends and family. It’s important to stay connected.

The girls had a lovely long nap today, leaving us time to sort the shed and do more sorting of the garden, for outside play.

I don’t have much to say on keeping the kiddies busy today as they pretty much entertained themselves today and the long nap helped. But if your having one of those days where bath time can’t come quick enough, (lord knows I’ve had plenty of those days). Get some glow sticks, they are so cheap off Amazon and fill your bath as normal and add a few sticks and turn off the lights. You can bath them EARLY and they can stay in longer playing. BONUS!

Any way guys, just a quick one today. Hope you had a good day.

Stay safe.

Stac. X

Stacey’s Corner – day 2

Hiya Guys. So how is every one getting on? The girls are still not back to normal after a nasty bug where blakely had diarrhea for 12 days and now Lacey and Ava have caught it.

Frankie though is still in good health and doing really well with the schedule we set her. Im thinking that perhaps im going to speak with Frankie’s friends mum’s and set up a conference call they can all do at some point during the day to save contact. I think it’s important they all stay connected.

Heres the hand and feet prints we did hung up in their room. Think they turned out pretty good.So today we decided to go to Ninesprings park and feed the ducks, the girls were very excited and we prepared some zip lock bags with potato and carrot peelings. The girls loved feeding them, although it was cold and windy the fresh air was welcome.

We did learn after we fed the ducks that there is a problem with rats and feeding ducks is not aloud at the moment. Oops. but its still a good idea to get out and go for walks.Also the cafe at ninesprings has removed all the table and chairs and has crosses on the floor, showing you were to stand for social distancing. Also they are only using disposable cups so we were able to get a hot chocolate and biscuit for the dog.Today we decided to clean all the summer garden toys and make the garden a useable place for the girls to go out and play. I cleaned their sand table and brought it into the kitchen. I ordered some kenetic sand from ebay which came today and they played with this for ages. Kenetic sand is perfect for indoor use as its not messy at all, it’s also not too expensive.If i want to keep the girls occupied for half hour or more while i get chores done, like clean and sort the garden. Then i’ll give them an upside collinder and some sticks. I use kerplunk sticks but you can use dry spagetti. And let them put them in the holes and watch them disappear into the collinder. Honestly, they love this!I wanted to tell you something i did with the girls for valentines; i cut 3 heart shaped wreaths and gave them strips of tissue paper which they screwed up in balls and stuck to the wreaths with a glue stick. I put holes in the top with a hole punch and threaded pipe cleaners to hang them. They turned out pretty well.If your arts and crafts box isnt as full as mine, there are loads of things to do where you dont need any props. The girls favourite is hide and seek. They also love it when i hide one of their favourite teddies and they have to find that. Turning all the lights out and having a disco with music and torches.

Singing is another of my girls favourite. Twinkle twinkle little star, wind the bobbin up, wheels on the bus, to name a few.Well hope this gives you some ideas.

Keep safe and talk tomorrow

Stac. x

Stacey’s Corner

Hiya! Stacey here, most of you know who i am but if you don’t im Si’s wife. Due to the covid-19 lockdown i figured i could be of help to some of you mum’s and dads staying at home with your kiddies.

Im not an expert, and i get a lot of ideas from my fellow triplet mamas, occasionally i come up with a good idea myself. But i feel ive become pretty good at entertaining 2 year old triplets. Before covid-19 came along this is what we did. Stayed at home. ALL DAY! My triplet mums will know what i mean. SAHM for life.

So we’ve been self isolating since tuesday, i needed to come up with a schedule for my 12 year old singleton to follow to make sure she doesnt fall behind on school work. We all sat down tuesday night and came up with it. We needed it to focus on school work, but also make sure she stays conected to her friends and gets exercise. This is what we came up with. Seems to be working pretty well so far. I mean it is only day 2!


For the triplets, we played some indoor bowling, I have a set that we used but you can use empty bottles and a ball. They loved this!

We also painted their hands using wasable poster paint and printed them onto canvas that i’ve had hanging around for ages now. But you can do it on paper or empty cardboard boxes. These im gonna hang up in their room.

I needed to tidy up before lunch so i gave blakely a toy hoover and ava and lacey a duster each, thety love helping mummy.

Lastly, I used an empty box i got from gousto today; i did wanna say actually thats been another life saver during this time. Gousto is a weekly subscription meal kit, which includes ready measured, fresh ingrediants and easy to follow recipes. Love it! And i used the empty box to draws round the girls bodies and then they coloured them in.

These are just a few ideas, they work with my trio so im confident theyll work for you whether you have 1, 2, 3 or more kids.

Stay safe, lots of love.

Stac. x