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“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society” – Bill Graham

  • 2. Blessed

    I called Stacey first thing Wednesday morning. She told me that a nurse had offered to take her to see the triplets after breakfast but had decided to wait til I got in so we could go together. I remember my response well, “No honey, why don’t you head down and see them, I’ll be… Read more

  • 1. Day one

            The triplets were whisked off from the theatre to be checked over, and moved into the neonatal intensive care unit. I remember trying to take it all in. I was kicked with intense emotion and adrenaline, added to that was the joy that they had arrived in one piece. Stacey seemed… Read more

  • Every little things, gonna be alright

    Every little things, gonna be alright

    The Fourth of July seemed to come around quick. We were as organised as we could be. The house was ready, Frankie was dropped off early at her cousins for school, she would join us later that afternoon with her Auntie and my Mum. Frankie was exited, I was really excited. Stacey though was still racked… Read more

  • 13. Final notes & a few pregnancy ‘man’ tips

    Now I’m not here to tell anyone how to cook eggs, and I still get many things wrong. I went into this pregnancy a novice. I found it hard in the beginning to adjust to my pregnant partner. Every couple are different in dealing with a pregnancy and stress. I do believe there are a few… Read more

  • 12.The home stretch

     At the twenty-eight week scan, Dr. D gave us the all-clear as far as the twins’ growth was concerned. After the scan, he sat back in his chair, cracked a smile, and declared that the whole pregnancy was remarkable. He was genuinely surprised all three had done so well. He congratulated us on the… Read more

  • 11. Bonding with baby – a dad’s commitment from day one

    11. Bonding with baby – a dad’s commitment from day one

    I had often heard of the bond a mother and a baby share, I clearly saw it with Stacey and Frankie. It’s understandable in its strength, after all a mother goes through to bring that life into the world. I know from my own experience that a father’s presence and love, is as much-needed to… Read more

My book ‘From triples to triplets’ is the story of my journey into fatherhood.
From overcoming a destructive past of alcoholism and mental health diagnosis to dealing with a high risk pregnancy and the birth of my daughters.
All proceeds go to running this blog and raising awareness of the importance of fatherhood.

About the blog is an award winning blog, created in a sleep deprivation haze. It fast became a popular non-profit resource for parents everywhere who are looking to relate to real experiences and gain understanding in ways to overcome the pressures of daily living.

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