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“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society” – Bill Graham

  • An English assignment – The island

    An English assignment – The island

    As you may know I’m studying GCSE English as I want to improve my skills. At the moment we are looking at creative writing and looking at different textures and styles. My homework this week was to describe a frozen view. That was all the information I was given. So I decided to describe the… Read more

  • Real freedom

    Real freedom

    I used to think the perfect life was one free of stress. That if I could organise life to suit me, with just the right people in my life and the right circumstances, and that if truly focused on those things I could manifest them. If I could have all that I would find true… Read more

  • Don’t stress!!!

    Don’t stress!!!

    It’s been almost a year since I began practicing meditation. And in that time I have dealt with a lot in the stream of life. The main upheavals that have brought the temptation to bite into anger, resentment and fear have been becoming a father to triplets, and then dealing with occipital neuralgia and central… Read more

  • Relief


    About six weeks ago I was given a diagnostic nerve block. Steroids injected straight into the occipital nerves in the back of my head. It was about as fun as it sounds but I got relief for the first time in four years. It was like a huge weight being lifted. I got my mind… Read more

  • Learning to write

    Learning to write

    I am three weeks into my GCSE English class and it’s blowing my mind. Although I have this blog, and have a book published I have realised don’t know a great deal about writing. That there is a whole world to delve into. I love writing. It’s a way to express myself and share the… Read more

  • Patience, love and tolerance

    Patience, love and tolerance

    Fatherhood is a tough gig. We deal with stress daily and these pressures can take their toll on us. And without a way to deal with stress it gets taken it out on the wife/partner and sadly the kids. They walk on eggshells around the man of the house who should be an example of… Read more

My book ‘From triples to triplets’ is the story of my journey into fatherhood.
From overcoming a destructive past of alcoholism and mental health diagnosis to dealing with a high risk pregnancy and the birth of my daughters.
All proceeds go to running this blog and raising awareness of the importance of fatherhood.

About the blog is an award winning blog, created in a sleep deprivation haze. It fast became a popular non-profit resource for parents everywhere who are looking to relate to real experiences and gain understanding in ways to overcome the pressures of daily living.

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