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“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society” – Bill Graham

  • Breaking the cycle of generational anger

    Breaking the cycle of generational anger

    Most of us are born into some sort of dysfunction. Stress is a given after we arrive. And as we grow, the imperfections we see in the people around us and the injustices of the world get into us. Resentment – a force as real as gravity or light pierces us and starts feeding something… Read more

  • To give is real love

    To give is real love

    After I finally recovered from alcoholism and met Stacey and Frankie, I had a real conscious sense of purpose. Looking back at a life of drink, drugs, failed relationships, and absolute carnage, I knew my future had to look very different. The purpose I felt was a responsibility to others. Back in New Zealand, when… Read more

  • No easy ride

    No easy ride

    Let’s face it, parenting multiples never gets any easier. There are constant challenges as they grow and develop. My wife found the baby phase relatively easy and enjoyable. She was breastfeeding, and although absolutely exhausted, she was in her element of new motherhood; not phased by the stress we were under. Whereas I, on the other… Read more

  • No meddles for fatherhood

    No meddles for fatherhood

    Most men work hard for their families. At least the majority of men I have known and worked with. They are not living the life they desire or putting their wants and needs first. They are physically giving it their all, day after day without complaint, to provide a comfortable life for those under their… Read more

  • A mans sacrifice

    A mans sacrifice

    As men, we are living to constant expectations. And it takes a certain attitude to maintain what is expected of us. In fact, we need to work hard to constantly improve ourselves for the sake of our partners and children. We are relied upon in order to fulfil our roles. And there is little gratitude… Read more

  • Why family?

    Why family?

    Children need stability in order to thrive. And nothing has given our children a better chance in life than a loving family unit. Sadly, the institution of marriage is seen as unimportant to a large percentage of a new generation, where being whatever you want to be and acting how you want to act is… Read more

My book ‘From triples to triplets’ is the story of my journey into fatherhood.
From overcoming a destructive past of alcoholism and mental health diagnosis to dealing with a high risk pregnancy and the birth of my daughters.
All proceeds go to running this blog and raising awareness of the importance of fatherhood.

About the blog is an award winning blog, created in a sleep deprivation haze. It fast became a popular non-profit resource for parents everywhere who are looking to relate to real experiences and gain understanding in ways to overcome the pressures of daily living.

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