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“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society” – Bill Graham

  • A little one on the spectrum

    A little one on the spectrum

    It would have been no surprise if one, or not all the triplets, had landed on the Autistic spectrum. It runs in my immediate family, I have also been diagnosed with ADHD and Asbergers syndrome. I struggled as a kid and wasn’t diagnosed until later in life. It has been apparent since the girls were… Read more

  • A new look blog

    A new look blog

    Hi all I had a slight moment whist adjusting a menu on my blog, and managed to whipe the entire page. So there’s a temporary new look, the pages are not yet active but the posts are available. Please be patient whilst i fix my f*uck up 🙂 All will be resolved soon. Thanks guys… Read more

  • The relentless force of stress

    The relentless force of stress

    ‘We are not created in the womb and then born to live out our existence in a cotton box. We are to experience an imperfect and trying world . . . full of temptation and conflict.’ – Dj Schwarzhoff How many times today did you feel a tinge of anger at a situation that caused… Read more

  • Anxiety and overthinking – it’s time to wake up

    Anxiety and overthinking – it’s time to wake up

    What if you found yourself more in the present moment – where life unfolds in real time. What if anxiety no longer plagued you, and you were free from the shackles of emotions and the problems they are causing to your mental and physical well-being? Imagine how much relationships with others would improve with your… Read more

  • Sleep deprivation – it’s all a part of the job

    Sleep deprivation – it’s all a part of the job

    Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. The victim is forced to stay awake. And without sleep, the victim’s mind slowly snaps. Welcome to parenting guys! One of my biggest concerns about the babies coming home was sleep deprivation. I don’t do tired well – at all! I can’t meditate properly, I become restless, irritable,… Read more

  • The ‘See’ meditation app is available

    The ‘See’ meditation app is available

    As you know, I write a lot about my experience with non contemplative meditation. It has been a staple in my life for the last 10 years. It is now available to download to your device for free. There will be a subscription once it’s been fully developed later in the year, but the YouTube… Read more

My book ‘From triples to triplets’ is the story of my journey into fatherhood.
From overcoming a destructive past of alcoholism and mental health diagnosis to dealing with a high risk pregnancy and the birth of my daughters.
All proceeds go to running this blog and raising awareness of the importance of fatherhood.

About the blog is an award winning blog, created in a sleep deprivation haze. It fast became a popular non-profit resource for parents everywhere who are looking to relate to real experiences and gain understanding in ways to overcome the pressures of daily living.

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