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A mental health post

We have all experienced emotional dysfunction at some point in our lives. And we all respond differently to the internal conflicts trauma creates. It’s not surprising that we become affected – stress is inescapable.

It may be a big event that tips us off balance. Childhood trauma can send us on a path of self-destruction unless we find resolve and forgiveness. It might just be a series of misfortune that can cause us to resent the journey we’re walking. Either way, suffering from the effects of suppressed resentment and anger drags us into a life of emotional intoxication.

People like me, who suffered the fall-out of a drug addicted father and the damage caused by sexual abuse at a very young age, suffered badly as I got older. I also had undiagnosed Asbergers syndrome and quickly developed alcohol dependency from the age of 14 onwards. My emotional state was anything but stable, and a psychotic episode landed me in a psychiatric hospital in my late teens. I felt beyond fixing.

Throw in borderline personality disorder, and it all went to shit beyond anything I could cope with. I was heavily medicated and didn’t know how to deal with life. I abused alcohol into chronic alcoholism and was a prolific self harmer into my 30s. It wasn’t a great outlook. But I was desperate to survive. I wanted to experience wellness with everything in me. And this desperation was my saving grace.  It drove me to search for a permanent solution to my conflicts.

I got sober through a 12-step process. It was drastic. Not many have the onions to go through with it. But I did. And ongoing sobriety and emotional stability was down to a practice of meditation. This was to be a lifelong commitment to a specific daily spiritual practice of conscious awareness. I was to become an observer of thoughts and emotions. To practice the principles of love, patience, and tolerance from an awakened state of neutrality. Free from anger, resentment, and fear. Living in the present moment, one day at a time.

Through meditation, my emotions regulated. My borderline personality disorder went into remission, and I got free from all medications. Life became a path of improvement. ‘

People who suffer from ongoing depression, anxiety, or any other symptoms displaying unstable emotions will spend the majority of their search for a solution, sadly finding nothing more than temporary relief.

Councillors and doctors really have nothing more than an understanding of the symptoms. In truth, they have only theories on the cause. But without understanding the supernatural elements involved, freedom and wellness will only evade the sufferer. There is one single cause of all ongoing mental health symptoms and every other emotional problem in life.

The negative force of resentment/anger has entered and has set up shop; and it has you. This is why, even with all the medical treatment and therapy in the world, the nagging doubt, irritation, and negativity will continue to grate away under the surface. Suppressed anger is the real killer. It needs to go. And, it is possible to overcome this spiritual infection.

Become free from anger. Gain mastery over resentment going forward, and every single symptom such as anxiety and deppresion will fall away without effort.

We recover. And here’s how it’s done.

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