love – Patience – Tolerance

A simple way to become free from anger

Why is it so important to live mindfully in the moment? Because stress just keeps coming and without protection, it will grind us down and eventually take us out with health issues.

If you are someone who is quick to anger or in a state of fear around future events that may or may not happen, you will know what it is to suffer anxiety; which in itself is just a warning. It is evidence of suppressed resentment energy. It means all is not well under the surface.

It is possible master resentment through spiritual tools such as non contemplative meditation. It is also possible to live without anger. But the resentment problem is not something we can overcome with self-will. It is a metaphysical cause that requires a metaphysical solution.

It also requires that we forgive our tormentors and continue to forgive going forward. This is something many of us will be unwilling to do. Because we feel justified and have been conditioned to believe anger is a normal part of our makeup. It isn’t. It is a destructive force that destroys everything worthwhile. We have to let go of hate. No matter how we got hurt.

Mindfulness, or conscious awareness, is simple to practice if you do it without contemplation. You don’t need guru’s or tibetan singing bowls. You don’t need to get hooked into Eastern religions or philosophies. All you need to do is be still and allow inner light to do the work.

The effects of this meditation work fast. You will automatically find yourself less inclined to react to the pressures of the world. You’ll naturally become more patient and tolerant with each passing day.

This is meditation in its purist form. It’s a powerful tool that brings protection against stress. As someone who suffered the damaging effects of anger from childhood, I am evidence that this is a real solution for anyone struggling with resentment, anger, depression and anxiety. Trust me; this is worth a shot.

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