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Free book on fatherhood

From this Friday, the 24th of March, running until Tuesday the 28th of March, I will be giving my book away for free on Kindle. There’s no catch. It’s just a free offer from me to parents everywhere.

This book is my personal journey into fatherhood. On how I dealt with the pressures and stress involved in becoming a dad. It is not a brag about becoming a dad to triplets. That in itself was in an incredibly stressful event that almost broke me. My book is for all parents.

The reason I wrote the book was because fatherhood wasn’t natural to me. My own dad was an addict with serious mental health problems from his own abusive childhood. As a result, I suffered. I ran into a life at 15 full of resentment and fear. Alcohol abuse and BPD quickly sent me on a path of self-destruction.

So, I share a little on my life before covering the pregnancy and the first six months of the arrival of my daughters. And how I believe a present man can positively impact his family in every way.

This is a no-holds-barred journey of destruction, recovery, fatherhood, patience, love, and tolerance. In overcoming resentment and anger to becoming the man my family needed, when it mattered the most.


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