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New directions

The triplets will be six this year. And it feels like the rollercoaster of the early days is over.

So much has changed, I survived new fatherhood, seep deprivation, and mild insanity. Changed thousands of nappies and grew a strong bond with my daughters. Life was a bubble with little else in focus other than becoming a loving parent. My wife and I became the dream team.

It hasn’t been without added pressures. Chronic nerve pain in my head and back from a car accident when the girls were a year old put me out of full-time work. It was hell for a while. Stacey had to adapt to my new limitations, as did I. It was a painful struggle for all of us. But we did our best with what we had, and now temporary treatment is on the horizon. It’s been a long time coming.

It’s not been time without productivity. I began this blog, wrote, and published the book. Wrote hundreds of articles on fatherhood. I am currently at college to improve my skills as a writer. A past-time turned passion which began after the triplets were born. I have plans to write more books in the future. I have the patience and time to follow it through, and I love the process. No longer able to do physical work, it has been a real outlet for me.

Fatherhood has been the making of me

Life, for me, has always been about moving forward, improving my situation, and changing what needs to be changed in the process. And I feel I have been stuck in a loop of pain and a relentless routine for too long. It’s time to break the cycle. I don’t want my pain to define me, and I have to take this opportunity to create a new future for myself and my family.

I am unsure what it will be or what it will look like, perhaps a future in writing in some form, but I have a deep sense of optimism, which is something that I have lacked since the pain began. With that optimism is an intuitive sense of purpose as my role as a husband and father. All I have ever wanted to do is take care of my family the way a man should. So it’s time to begin working towards that principle again.

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  1. Good luck with the writing.

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