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A little one on the spectrum

It would have been no surprise if one, or not all the triplets, had landed on the Autistic spectrum. It runs in my immediate family, I have also been diagnosed with ADHD and Asbergers syndrome. I struggled as a kid and wasn’t diagnosed until later in life.

It has been apparent since the girls were young that Blakely is just that little bit different. In the way she plays, how she reacts emotionally and also her sensory issues. She can’t handle loud noises for one. And a change in routine can really throw her out of tune.

She’s Milo’s bestie

She was always a bit behind with speech and also walking. But don’t get me wrong – she’s as sharp as a tack. Her writing is beautiful, and although she struggles to concentrate, she picks up everything that is taught in school. She does need extra support, and the school is fantastic with her. I’m grateful times have changed since I was a kid. There’s so much more awareness and acceptance of it now.

Stacey and I are used to her little quirks. But it can be hard to see her at a birthday party playing by herself. As a parent on the spectrum, it’s only natural that I worry about how other kids are going to take her as she gets older. But hopefully, she will have positive experiences. She really is an amazing little girl. And Blakely, will always get love and support from us through life as she finds her strengths.

3 responses to “A little one on the spectrum”

  1. Differently wired but so much to give. I have a great nephew and great niece on the spectrum. So pleased that things are different now.


    1. We are lucky things have changed, and there is so much more awareness now. Blakely is such a loving little girl. She lights up my life every day


  2. Who could not love that beautiful face. She will find her place in the world, and own it ❤️

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