love – Patience – Tolerance

The relentless force of stress

‘We are not created in the womb and then born to live out our existence in a cotton box. We are to experience an imperfect and trying world . . . full of temptation and conflict.’ – Dj Schwarzhoff

How many times today did you feel a tinge of anger at a situation that caused upset – no matter how minor. When did you last feel the need to escape? To disappear to another point in time where you could relax and not think about the pressures you’re presently facing.

We all experience these feelings and emotions. I have just gotten over a neuralgia flare-up. For the first time in a while, I was able to relax and get to sleep. Then, at 1am, I was woken up by being puked on by a triplet who had been hit with a stomach bug in the night. So one door closes, and another opens. And there’s no resting in the hallway!

Stress energy is all around us. It exists as does gravity and light, and we are conductors. Like radios with the ability to pick up frequencies. So we need a way to deflect it when it hits. In moments of upset and injustice.

How we meet stress matters. It is the difference between strengthening from it or being constantly defeated and developing anxiety disorders and more serious mental health issues. Which, for the most, are caused by the inability to face and deal stressful events in the stream of life.

Through a simple observation practice, meeting the pressures of the day with patience and forgiveness is possible. It happens naturally when we are connected to light within.

Life doesn’t have to overwhelm us. As much as it tries to beat us down. A commitment to non contemplative meditation brings the protection we need to navigate the traumas and events that come charged with the ability to upset. Instead, strengthen from it. Meet chaos with stability and be the person your family needs.

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