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Anxiety and overthinking – it’s time to wake up

What if you found yourself more in the present moment – where life unfolds in real time. What if anxiety no longer plagued you, and you were free from the shackles of emotions and the problems they are causing to your mental and physical well-being?

Imagine how much relationships with others would improve with your co-workers, partners, husbands, wives, and children. Unmoved by distracting thoughts and the emotions that weave through them, you could be totally present in your own life. Imagine without anxiety and the stress it causes on your body how much healthier you would feel. You would sleep better, eat better, and your immune system would strengthen.

According to Champion Health, an estimated 8 million people in the UK alone suffer from an anxiety disorder. And that’s just those diagnosed. Anxiety and overthinking go hand in hand. But there is little understanding in the medical profession as to what anxiety really is. The medical board class anxiety as a mental health disorder. They treat it with medications and talk therapies. Which may work temporarily, but without getting to the cause, there will be no permanent relief. I know this – because I suffered for years.

At the root of all anxiety and overthinking is resentment. A spiritual charge of negative energy that enters us in moments of trauma and upset that we experience as anger. Over time, it causes untold problems to our psyche, and as a result, we experience anxiety, which in itself is simply a warning light. Get free from anger and master resentment and ‘poof’, anxiety melts away without effort. It ceases to exist.

All it takes for this miracle of healing to occur is to be still. To wake up to the present moment through non-contemplative meditation. The more you practice conscious awareness throughout your day and have the ability to bring yourself back from the realm of emotions and thinking, the more present you become. And it happens fast. Within days for most people.

When you experience stillness in meditation, you experience the present moment, and in the present moment, you find the Kingdom within where a powerful force of light expels resentment energy. Connecting to this inner light daily is the most life changing practice you could ever do while on this earth. It brings protection against the negative forces of stress going forward. Life will never be the same. Overthinking will no longer be a problem for you.

Just 10 minutes on awakening and before bedtime is sufficient for this state of God-consciousness to become a working part of your life. In waking up from overthinking and being released from anxiety, life will become manageable from moment to moment. You will be less affected by emotions and, in doing so, experience real emotional stability. The kind that your relationships need. Stressful moments will be events you will strengthen from instead of running from. This courage will come naturally, as will patience.

If you suffer from anxiety and overthinking, you need this, and your family needs you. Right here – right now.

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