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Breaking the cycle of generational anger

Most of us are born into some sort of dysfunction. Stress is a given after we arrive. And as we grow, the imperfections we see in the people around us and the injustices of the world get into us. Resentment – a force as real as gravity or light pierces us and starts feeding something dark within. Children born into instability, addiction, or abuse are especially affected in this way.

This metaphysical phenomenon creates a deep conflict in us. Where we should be experiencing love and forgiveness, it becomes impossible to do so. We become driven by emotions as the pressures of life tip us off balance. We become anxious, judgmental, and self-absorbed. And life is no longer laid out as an adventure that we are built up to deal with. Instead, it becomes a painful trudge. Seeking relief from an itch, we can not scratch.

It’s impossible not to harbour resentment and not suffer. My mental health problems, destructive lifestyle, and alcoholism were direct results of the resentment and anger that bubbled under the surface from childhood. And it’s not just mental health that takes a hit from anger. Stress eats away at the immune system, and anger is the direct cause of health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. It’s a killer. Litteraraly.

So, the question is, what to do about this spiritual dysfunction that creates so much emotional instability in your life. No one can overcome it through self will. You can not force it out of yourself as much as you can manage it. It’s bigger than you and beyond your control. Suppressing it further is a very, very bad idea.

As the saying goes, ‘A spiritual problem requires a spiritual solution’.

Breaking the cycle of generational anger and resentment isn’t as difficult as you may think. Ending the line of spiritual dna that has brought pain and suffering to those who came before you can be done. But it takes a commitment to a simple daily practice. We’re talking 20 minutes out of your day. Specifically on awakening and before bedtime.

You no longer have to be bonded to a spirit of judgment and hate, and your children can walk a different path. A spiritual liberation from anger is an incredible experience. It is then just a case of remaining awake – conscious. In doing so, we build resilience to stress with spiritual protection against the force of resentment. It no longer affects us as it once did. Mental and physical health naturally regulates, and we become neutral to the pull of emotions. We become human once more.

Non contemplative meditation is a way to connect to a supernatural force of light. It fills the body expelling darkness and awakens the practitioner to a state of God-consciousnes; and it happens fast. I know, this all sounds a little wild. But I can tell you now. Beginning and continuing this meditation for the last ten years has been the start of a new generational story for myself and my family. There is only a spirit of patience, tolerance, and love in my life. Grounded by the highest principle.

Here’s a link to the free, non religious meditation exercise. Just 10 minutes twice a day is enough. If you do choose to begin this path. Buckle up.

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