love – Patience – Tolerance

Why family?

Children need stability in order to thrive. And nothing has given our children a better chance in life than a loving family unit. Sadly, the institution of marriage is seen as unimportant to a large percentage of a new generation, where being whatever you want to be and acting how you want to act is now seen as the cheif goal in life.

Personal happiness is now the aim of the game. But with mental health and suicide rates among youths at an all-time high, it would suggest that egoism isn’t working out for them too well. And it’s tragic. It was my life for many destructive years until fatherhood laid out my true purpose in life

So why is a traditional family unit so important? Isn’t marriage just an old-fashioned institution with values that no longer have a place in a modern world of gender studies and self styling. Where modern feminism is out to disenfranchise all men as being power-hungry, misogynistic has beens that no longer have any rights in society. “We are no longer needed and must be put in our place!”. Sounds a bit tyrannical, doesn’t it? It seems everything is under attack, fuelled by nothing more than a collective spirit of resentment.

Everything has ramifications. And the failing of our children due to the dissolving of traditional values based on truth, experience and understanding is going to have terrible consequences on a generation that charges ahead with a newer – more liberating ideal, that subsequently we must all now conform to. The destructive nature of this dismantling is already glaringly evident. Ask any school Councillor.

A family unit consisting of two people growing together on a spiritual path. Working together through sickness and health. Binded by vows under the highest principle are what gives children the greatest opportunity it life. Both stepping up to the responsibility of parenting to raise children that deserve nothing less than unconditional love. Both with roles to play – neither more important than the other – offer stability like nothing else. Men have their unique individual qualities, as do women. And that should be celebrated.

So as it continues to come crumbling down, and more and more youngsters suffer, would not a basic understanding of truth, and the principles that have worked to give children, and men and women the greatest purpose in life be more important than teaching our children that none of that really matters anymore?

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