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It’s a mistake to get too comfortable in life. It’s easy enough to fall in that rutt where doing just enough to keep afloat, without rocking the personal boat becomes a way of life. Rewarding ourselves for a job well done when really we are just dying a slow death. Going through the motions and avoiding anything that may cause us discomfort.

We are all guilty of it. For decades all I wanted was an easy life, instead I suffered mental illness and alcoholism, so to me that comfortable life would be to have had enough alcohol that I didn’t run out and to have enough of a cocktail of meds that I didn’t end up back on a psychiatric ward. I wasn’t exactly aiming high but “horses for courses” and all that. What I really wanted was to have enough of a release of serotonin that I didn’t feel bad. And that, I felt, was the purpose of life.

Not everyone goes to the extreme of addiction but how many reward themselves in the evening with a few beers or a glass of wine? Or a joint? You feel you’ve earned it for facing the stresses of the day when all you are really doing is escaping for a breif moment. And it becomes a habit. You feel bad so you hit the feel good button. You may get that from flicking on netflix and zoning out into the TV or your phone screen. But when that becomes a part of your daily routine it becomes dangerous. It’s too easy to slip into that routine and believe that stress then reward is our sole purpose for being on this earth having a human experience.

For example, how many of you are stuck in a job you don’t particularly like, but you stay simply because it’s convenient? Getting a new job would mean going through the whole interviewing process again, it may mean you’d have to travel a bit further to work each day. It may mean working longer hours and a change in process and a whole different environment, maybe it could take extra training. So is it really worth it? Is the hassle and discomfort really worth the risk of bettering your situation and mental wellbeing? It should be.

It can also be this way with parenting and relationships. There may be problems at hand that need resolving. Minor irritations experienced that we let slide rather than bring them to the surface for discussion for fear of upsetting others.Many of us just brush these things off. I have been guilty of this lately. But these little, seemingly insignificant annoyances over time morph into resentments and explode. So rocking the boat is worth a sometimes heated discussion, especially when problems always have the capacity to get resolved.

So don’t live your life like a scratched record, forever waiting for someone else to pick the needle up and move it so the song can continue. Take uncomfortable action and make the first move- take charge of your life and begin to live in a world of real opportunity.

Don’t just survive – evolve.

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