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Another year

This year has been a case of “blink and you’ll miss it.” It seems like older I get the quicker the months dissolve. It certainly doesn’t feel like another year has gone by. Yet so much has happened.

The triplets have developed so much over the year from reading and writing to their speech becoming much clearer. They are full of wonder and interest in the world around them. They love drawing and colouring and are doing well at school, which they all enjoy. They have all made seperate friends which is good for them.

The first five years have been such a vital time for them and their overall development. And Stacey and I have worked hard to makes our home one of love. And it really shows in the girls natures They are growing into polite, kind, funny girls. We really couldn’t ask for more.

They have all taken a keen interest in the meditation I practice. As their father it’s my job to gently prepare them for the real world and to show them how to deal with inevitable stresses they will encounter, especially now they are growing older. So for them to see that I practice concious awareness will only benefit them. It’s a wonderful gift for me to pass on.

Frankie is doing well against the problems she’s had. There has been bullying at school which has been a real worry, but she’s out of the worst of it now. Having just turned 15 I found her a little job and she is enjoying earning her own money. It’s good experience for her, it’s a chance for her to learn a strong work ethic be a little more responsible for herself. I’m incredibly proud of her.

Stacey has continued with her charity work, running a breastfeeding peer support group. She also now facilitates a triplet mums group for the Twins Trust. She is currently planning a Christmas fundraiser. It’s a lot of work and she really enjoys it. She’s loves doing what she can to help others. As do I.

For me it’s been a positive end to the year. The steroid injections in my head have given me quite a lot of relief. Enough for my mental health to improve and for my life to become more manageable as a result. I also began GCSE English this year. I’m loving the challenge and am learning new skills to improve my craft. I have the idea for my first fictional novel and am looking forward beginning the writing process. It’s important that I keep improving my life. I may not be able to challenge myself physically anymore but mentally I can always grow.

So I’m cruising towards Christmas and the new year with a better attitude. Fatherhood hasn’t come easy for me. I still make mistakes but am always open to make changes to better the life of my daughters and strengthen the relationship with my wife. We’ve been given a tough gig but with laghter, love, patience and faith it’s becoming an ever more beautiful ride.

(As always, here’s the link to the free meditation I practice. It’s a way to strengthen from stress and deal with the pressures of everyday life)

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