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Phone addiction

Life has been a struggle lately. As much as I talk about being present I haven’t been living up to my own ideals.

Sure I’ve been going through the motions. I’ve been meditating daily; getting up with the girls; working; picking the girls up from school; cooking dinner and doing the baths but I have been distracted. Mostly on my phone. I’m not talking about the conversations I’m having with people on it, it’s the braindead flicking through pointless video reels I get lost in while life carries on around me.

It’s too easy when I feel stressed to just dissappear into the screen. The real problem is the stress that’s affecting me, the phone is just a symptom of that stress. The phone has also been a great way to take my mind off the pain. But when it’s causing more problems than it’s solving it naturally becomes an issue.

For years I hid away from technology. I lived without a smartphone before meeting Stacey; I also lived years without a T.V for that matter. But now whist trying to live a conscious life it has become another thing that I’m using to deal with the pressures of everyday life. And I don’t want to be a screen zombie, ignoring my kids and wife while distracting myself from the reality that I am struggling with the trudge of fatherhood.

So I have have come off Facebook. Only using it to share my blog posts. Plus we have a phone ban between certain hours of the day. I have already found myself less stressed and more present with my family. It was a simple change that is already having a positive impact.

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