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An English assignment – The island

As you may know I’m studying GCSE English as I want to improve my skills.

At the moment we are looking at creative writing and looking at different textures and styles. My homework this week was to describe a frozen view. That was all the information I was given. So I decided to describe the view from my porch on the week I left Papa Westray on the Orkney islands. I thought I’d share it with you. Any feedback would be appreciated.

‘The melancholy sky hangs sullen over the emense beauty of the silent, white bleakness that surrounds me. The heavy dark clouds whisp with slow, dramatic movement, dropping millions of falling diamonds, filling the sky with flakes of ice that drift down elegantly with soft, gracious dance. Landing to rest on the pillow of white that blankets the ancient, defiant island I call home.

In the distance, amidst the thick snowfall I see the hills of the neighbouring island, rising up to meet the sky like friends in close union. The weather beaten landscape lies naked and exhausted from the violent north Atlantic storms. No trees dot the horizon. The land dejected from the fierce weather. But today there is no gale or wind. Just a peaceful, almost eiree silence as the calm after a storm. The horizon a portrait of brilliant whites and malevolent greys. It engulfs me with it’s resplendent charm. As though for that moment heaven had decended.

The ice cold ocean of azure that encircles me beats waves on the rugged coastline, like white horse’s storming the shore. The rocks stand composed in the face of the aggressive waves like a Spartan army shielding an attack. But with all their strength and might the rocks continue to crumble and corrode. There is a sadness to their slow destruction but everything must change with the trudge of time.

Soon I will leave this place. The harsh, bleak winter will become just a memory like a snapshot, a photo that will eventually fade into the recesses of my mind. But as I stand here on this cold, crisp, captivating morning like the king of my domain. I count my blessings that for a brief moment in time, this frozen enchanted view is all mine.’

Si x

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