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Don’t stress!!!

It’s been almost a year since I began practicing meditation. And in that time I have dealt with a lot in the stream of life. The main upheavals that have brought the temptation to bite into anger, resentment and fear have been becoming a father to triplets, and then dealing with occipital neuralgia and central pain syndrome. But in the face of these still turbulent event’s I have stayed, for the most, emotionally level. Which still blows my mind by the way.

Easy peasy

I’m a calm man by nature now. And there isn’t much that rattles me (although screaming kids at bath-time can turn the heat up a little), but I’m not going to lie, this months been a test. From illness to hospital visits, poorly kids and other little events have got me feeling drained and and exhausted. Stress is pressing on me like a weight pushing down on my shoulders. If ever we all needed a holiday it’s now. But that’s not going to happen so we’ll keep on trudging.

As slightly defeated as I’ve been feeling, I know il never sink again. At least not back to the bottle or into serious mental health problems. Occipital Neuralgia has had a damn good go over the last few years but even with my slumps into negativity I have always been dragged back out again. Conscious awareness has been my saving grace. Faith through meditation is a powerful force in my life. That and a sense of humour. Which both my wife and I accredit for getting us through the insanity early parenthood with triplets.

Even in the most stressful times we have found ourselves levelled out with laughter. Like the time we had two toddlers with ear infections and one with a throat infection. After three nights and days with barley any sleep. Comforting screaming sick girls we got hold of doctor on the Monday morning and just sat and looked at each other and burst into tears – followed by belly laughter at the sheer madness of our situation. If we didn’t laugh we’d never would have made it together.

Don’t stress! A great saying indeed, but sounds impossible in practice. But I’m telling you now that stress needn’t be a universal energy that beats and grinds you into physical and mental demise. Eventually taking you out, full of resentment at the injustice of the negative events of your daily life, and at mercy of the people that just plain pissed you off. Make no mistake – anger is a killer. But it’s possible to live free from this ravenous force. If we meet stress with grace we strengthen and grow. It’s that simple. Anger and fear are no longer the driving force.

Practicing conscious awareness is simple. It’s about living in the present moment where there is a metaphysical protection against the emotions that weave their way through thoughts. So if you think real meditation is about fantasising about relaxing on a sandy beach with a fat suitcase full of money and a pinacolada, trying to manifest the Universe, you’d be very much mistaken. Thoughts are the problem. They take us away from the present moment. Into resentment about the past and in fear around the future. Both bad neighbourhoods to be wandering around in.

This practice is simple. Incredibly powerful and it works fast to bring you back to consciousness. To wake up back to the land of the living where life is actually happening. This is all you will ever ever need. Just 10 minutes x2 times a day. Then you will find dealing with kids, with family and even the most stressful events and irritating people with ease. And it happens without effort. They say there is no miracle cure for dealing with the stresses of life. Well congratulations! You’ve just found it.

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