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Learning to write

I am three weeks into my GCSE English class and it’s blowing my mind. Although I have this blog, and have a book published I have realised don’t know a great deal about writing. That there is a whole world to delve into.

I love writing. It’s a way to express myself and share the thing’s I feel are important and may benefit another. But what I am learning is that there is a process to bringing the pen to paper. There are styles of the craft and I’m like a sponge at the moment. I’m taking it all in.

I learned to write by reading lot’s of books. Before I wrote my book I was advised by an author friend to read ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King (the horror guy). He knows a thing or two about writing an engaging book. In that book he shares his story of becoming a writer. About how he puts a book together. It was an interesting read and I learned a lot that helped me in my own writing process.

I have idea’s for non fiction books that I intend to write and am realising that I can do it. By improving my skills I can bring my ideas to life with style and creativity. I never knew where to start before with non fiction but am getting fired up with the reality of what could be. I’m glad I made the decision to take this course.

So this isn’t a post about triplets or fatherhood, all of which are fine. I just felt like sharing this. And I look forward to unleashing my first novel on you all in a few years time.

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