love – Patience – Tolerance

Iron sharpens Iron

We live in an imperfect world with imperfect people and situations that bring added pressure on us. The stresses of fatherhood alone can grind us down, and without a solution to these seemingly negative events in the stream of life we are propelled on a downward spiral into poor mental health. Growing ever more agitated along the way. And no man likes to admit he’s being defeated. Especially under his own roof.

It’s not just the big events that cause damage, the minor irritations can create as much trouble for us mentally, and eventually physically. A body worn down by stress is a body susceptible to sickness. Therefore staying fit mentally, and spiritually, is all the more important.

We live in a world of distractions. And although these distractions may bring temporary relief they don’t fix the problems like anger and anxiety. It’s not just thing’s like food, drugs and alcohol that are used to get relief from the internal conflicts we experience from a failure to meet the pressures of life.

The majority of meditations, marketed and sold as solutions are mere distraction techniques. Mostly Bhuddist meditation practices. Drifting off into to fantasy or hypnosis through breathing whilst hooking you into Eastern religions. They are like a band aid on an infection. They do little to resolve the real issue. Mindfulness is the answer, but it takes a very different type of practice to be able to build resilience to stress.

Strengthen from stressful encounters

There is a way to build resilience to stress. To sharpen from emotionally charged events as iron sharpens iron. Instead of being worn down from the pressures of daily life we can use these moments to strengthen ourselves.

There is a type of non religious meditation. Passed on freely by a friend of mine who has decades of practicing this unique meditation exercise. I myself have been using it daily for almost a decade and cannot stress the importance of practicing conscious awareness in my daily life. Through it I have mastered resentment and gotten free from anger. It has helped me deal with chronic pain and raise young triplets without sinking too deeply into self pity/anger, or from getting constantly overwhelmed by negative emotions. I have become for the most, neutral to those forces

If it is stability you seek then look no further. There is nothing to buy or online groups to join. It is a simple guided meditation, a personal experience to be done alone. Just 10-15 minutes, morning and night will be enough for this powerful awakening exercise to work.

And it works fast. If you are struggling with life, If anger, depression and anxiety are hampering your ability to be the father you so badly want to be. Commit to this simple practice and ‘watch’ your life change and begin to build from stress. Be an example to your children of a man who doesn’t break under pressure, be the man you were born to be. Give your family true stability and you will never look back

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