love – Patience – Tolerance

Free from emotions

A person who suffers from anger will never make right decisions in life. Their discernment is clouded and navigating life will become a painful struggle. They will fail to experience real love because they are in a constant state of judgment. Always on the back foot and threatened by everyone. Even those in their own home.

It’s a life driven by emotions and will ensure anxiety and deppresion. It an existence of being pulled around by event’s big and small as they try to find peace, but overthinking just creates more emotional turmoil and more resentment. It all happens under the surface where it seems there is no means of escape. It’s a life of exhaustion. And it needn’t be that way. We needn’t be ruled by frustration, fear and resentment – owned by emotions.

Through a simple stepping back from thoughts we sever the ties to the emotions that weave through them.
In awakening this way we also discover a power that can change the course of our lives, one that can only be found in stillness – in the present moment.

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