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A time for change

It’s been a a strange time of late with a lot to digest in my personal life. It really feels like I’ve reached a crossroads and it’s time for a change. I need a challenge and have decided to gain some qualifications. I am enrolling in college to study GCSE maths and english.

I left school early and sat no exams. The truth was I struggled badly in my school years. As a family we moved every year or so, it meant I never stayed anywhere long enough for the teachers to pick up that I had learning difficulties. Undiagnosed ADHD and Asbergers left me unable to hold information or concentrate enough to learn anything. I was seen as a troublesome kid by my teachers.

I have learned to write by reading lot’s of books. My own book was a challenge in itself and I was lucky to have such an understanding editor. Writing this blog has also helped me craft my skills.

I want to achieve what I failed at as a kid. I have always worked since leaving school and in my twenties got into welding. It’s work I really enjoyed until I developed central pain syndrome after a car accident in 2018. I had to give up physical work and am lucky to have kept a job in the company I have worked at for the last seven years.

I want to study English now. I want to understand writing at a deeper level. As for maths I am probably at primary school level so it won’t hurt me to study and learn basic skills.

There have always been times in my life that I have wanted to push myself further. Especially since recovering from alcoholism and mental health problems. So I’m going to go for it, just to improve myself. It won’t be easy but I’m ready and committed.

My assessment with the college is coming up and they have already said they will take into consideration my ADHD and support me through it. I’m looking forward to a change. And hopefully I’ll get the grades.

8 responses to “A time for change”

  1. Congratulations. Well done

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  2. Good luck my friend.

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  3. Well done you and good luck


  4. praying for you in this. i am impressed

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