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Men and spiritual health

Obviously, the more present we are as father’s the greater the impact it has on a family. Everyone under the roof benefits from a spirit of love and patience from dad. But it’s a state of conscious awareness that a lot men fail to reach. Not because they are bad parents, but because they failed to enlarge a vital part of their development as men.

Physical and mental health are important areas of our lives to improve in. Many of us have – or will suffer mental health struggles as a dad. Whether it’s adapting to a new baby at home or dealing with older children such as my 5 year old triplets who are testing my patience constantly. We have to face these challenges head on and meet them with grace.

Life as a parent can be exhausting

No man wants to admit he’s struggling emotionally. Secret resentments breed obsessive behaviours. The internal discomfort of harbouring ill will towards the ones we love sets up a need for relief, usually obsessively. The guilt experienced from suppressing anger can cause all sorts of havoc in a mans life. Resentment is the chief activator of our spiritual decline. So how do we overcome this problem?

Resentment is a spiritual force. An invisible energy that creeps in and clouds our natural discernment. We become infected through traumatic experiences – big and small. I have battled with chronic nerve pain pain and trigeminal neuralgia this last 4 years and as a result of frustration (which is just one flavour of resentment), my daily life became a struggle. And my inability to manage and deal with my situation meant my mental health took a nose-dive. I also physically suffered as a result. I had to master my resentments and build resilience to the stress I was experiencing. That was the solution.

Freedom from anger brings peace

Whatever the life challenges we face, we have a responsibility to our families to bring stability and love to our relationships with our partners and our children. It’s one hell of a job at times but we must be willing to grow in a spirit of tolerance if our families are to thrive, and if we are to strengthen from the problems we face.

One way to grow spiritually is through meditation. The metaphysical practice that I adopted almost a decade ago, freed me from my anger and placed me in a position of emotional neutrality.  Safe and protected in the stream of life. Through taking care of my spiritual health I balanced out mentally and physically. As a result of mastering resentment, I found my strength and life became manageable .

This doesn’t mean I have become the perfect human being, I still have flaws to outgrow but I have the willingness to improve myself. To be a better father, husband and friend. I owe this to the people in my life who rely on me. I want to be an example for my daughters, for them to see how a man should hold himself in this world.

Taking care of our spiritual health is not just important. It is vital for us to develop as men. We cannot successfully go through this life ground down with over emotional responses, resentments and fears. So be willing to grow, to be uncomfortable and make changes that will benefit you and make this journey one of light, free from the shackles of resentment.

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