love – Patience – Tolerance

Happy 5th

5 years ago on the 4th of July our triplets were born by C-section, exactly 2 minutes apart. Ava, Lacey and little Blakely came into the world screaming to bob Marleys ‘3 little birds’. It was a surreal day, and a miracle they made it all healthy through a high risk pregnancy.


And so began our journey as a family. And for me, my first experience as a biological dad doing the baby deal. And boy was I in for a shock. Exhaustion hit me hard, as it did with Stacey who had planned on, and began breastfeeding the trio.


I struggled through the first 6 months as best I could and eventually thing’s got a little easier. When the girls began sleeping through the night and I got some rest, for the first time in a while my sanity returned. And as the girls grew and developed we also faced new challenges.


This last 5 years has shot by. It’s hard to believe we have come so far and are still together as a family. It’s no secret that raising multiples is hard going at times. The girls are relentless in their energy and stress us both out but Stacey and I are good at communicating and discussing any problems as we go along.

It’s also no secret that I am a very proud dad and have committed completely to my role. I love being a father, even though the pressures and challenges we continue to face can wear me out, I still manage to practice patience and tolerance. I am convinced and have been from the start of my journey into fatherhood, that love, and the stability it brings, is the most important thing I can contribute to my family.

The gang

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