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As someone who has worked with men and women with anger problems, I understand the cause. I know how bullies operate and why they seek to transfer their anger and fear onto others. It is a spiritual cause, passed on during childhood. They are under the spell of resentment. It has infected them like a virus, and they are unable to control their sick behaviours.

I was bullied as a child. Picked on and beaten up on occasion by older kids than me. I was too afraid to fight back. As a family, we moved every year or two, and as a result, I was always the new boy. I was an easy target. Especially before I began high school. I grew angry and resentful. I also had learning difficulties, which led me to have special needs classes, which was just more ammo for those looking to harm me. In short, I hated bullies, and I hated school.

I think it’s every parents worst nightmare that their child be bullied. And for us it’s now become a reality.

The worst thing is how helpless we feel as parents. Stacey has been non-stop on the phone to the school. It got to the point where the police got involved. Even though action has been taken towards the girls involved, my daughter has been that affected that she’s had a full-on panic attack. The bullies have used personal information about her biological dad to taunt her. They have gone well below the belt.

It’s hard not to feel anger, my initial response was to go and speak to the parents but I was talked out of it by Stacey and Frankie. It would have only made matters worse.

As a dad, it’s my job to protect my children, but when they go to school, I can’t do that. They are at the hands of the school. The most I can do is keep talking to her to make sure she doesn’t begin to bottle up her emotions. Suppression is dangerous in the long run. I can also show her how to get free from anxiety and deal with stress through meditation. I don’t want her to have to suffer as I did. My anger as a child caused me to struggle with my mental health for most of my life. My alcoholism was a result of suppressed resentment as was my diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

It’s now just a case of seeing how it goes going forward. The girls involved have been reprimanded, and the school is fully aware of the situation. No child should have to live under the threat of violence or take personal attacks. At school or at home.

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