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A journey into music

As a kid of 12, I decided I wanted to play in a band. I wanted to get up on stage and entertain people.
At 14 I started a band, just me and a drummer. We played sex pistols songs and I was shit on the guitar and couldn’t really sing. But I loved it! I had a shitty guitar and amp but didn’t care. Playing was the best feeling. I started writing my own songs and after a while we got other members and played our first gig.
We were pretty shit but the feeling was electric – we gave it our best. And I was hooked.

Naturally I decided then I had to have world domination, Playing Wembley stadium etc. My ego got involved but unfortunately my drink problem and mental illness got in the way of me progressing. I went on to get fired from every band I played in.

I did have some luck in my mid 20s and joined a band as a singer – after years of practice I tuned up my pipes and could hold a note. In that band I co wrote the songs and we got to headline at the cavern in Liverpool. We also supported the Alarm. Unfortunately I went travelling and the band continued without me.

Alcoholism then got in the way of my playing. After getting kicked out of Australia I moved to New Zealand and started a thrash band called the Deported. But Alcoholism got in the way again. So instead I took to writing acoustic songs. I enjoyed doing that in my drunken stupor.

I eventually did get sober and shortly after quiting drinking I auditioned as a vocalist in a project in a local band. That band became Slipstream.
For the last 8 years I have been singing my ass off and enjoying every moment in a band with no ego’s. We are great friends who gel as musicians. Playing cover songs we love to perform.

I get to live my dream of being on stage and at 46 my voice is better than ever. We may not play Wembley but we do get to raise the roof off of local venues.

So live your dreams. Play live music and kick ass.

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