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Bath-times and chicken pops

So, there are a few things been going on with our trio lately. From ‘chicken pops’ as they call it to freaking out every bath-time because of ‘the black’.

Our girl’s used to love bath-time. They couldn’t wait to get in a warm bath full of bubbles and play with their toys. It was usually hard work getting them out. Then one day whilst sat in the bath Ava spotted a little bit of black fluff and freaked out. Not just a small protest but a full on panic. She jumped up screaming which set of the other two and within a split second all three were stood up screaming at the top of their lungs and scrambling to get out. It was absolute chaos. There was water and bubbles everywhere

And that was the start of it. They now hate the bath and refused to get in it. First they didn’t want bubbles in because ‘the black’ might be hidden under the cover of them. Blakely refused so much she had to have showers.

So we stopped using bubbles and now they all go for a pre bath poo for half an hour, prolonging the dreaded bath-time. For a start I now have to rinse the bath out of all foreign body’s. Even the tiniest of spots have a be removed before they even consider stepping foot in the bath and they will only go one at a time, for as short a time as possible. They litteraraly wash and get out. Still panicking and with some tears whilst in the tub. It’s completely irrational but to them it’s a huge deal.

And on top of the dreaded ‘black’ in the bath they have now just been through chicken pops. We had a few late night’s with itchy spots but thankfully it didn’t last long. The spots clear up quite quickly which I didn’t realise. But at least that’s out of the way now.

Then last Saturday night we went to A&E with Blakely who was doubled over in pain. It was horrible to see her suffering. Once we got to the hospital they would only let one of us in so I spent the best part of Saturday night sat in the van waiting on updates. Turned out she had a urinary tract infection. Which thankfully cleared up after a could of days of antibiotics.

Now were back to normal life with three healthy girls. Who are terrified of the bath but you can’t win them all.

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  1. Life is fun with children.never quiet.

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