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Back to life

Lockdown is fully lifted. Schools back to normal and life has taken a step back to normal living.

It’s a huge releif for all parents, I imagine, who’s lives were turned upside-down with Covid-19 and national lockdown. No parent wants to shut in the house for weeks and months on end with bored kids who are wound up and agitated. There was only so much we could do to keep them occupied.

But now it’s back to life. Back to trips out of the house and visits to the play centre. The girls have enjoyed going to parties with school friends and getting back to normal. I’m sure our girl’s missed out on vital social skills being shut in the house for so long. I know it was difficult for Frankie who is at an age where going out with friends is important.

And for us as parents it’s a big sigh of relief that we are back to normality. Aside from other big events that are going on in the world right now, as a family we have some structure back.

Lacey has recently had ‘Chicken pops’ as they call it, but other than that the girls have managed to avoid Covid. Stacey and I both had it and although Stacey got quite ill with it we both made a strong recovery.

So it’s nice to get back to living. As a family we have stuck together to deal with the pressures we have faced over the last few years and have emerged stronger. As insane as it has been.

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