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Triple trouble and discipline

I am by nature a calm patient man. And my approach to troublesome behaviour is the same. I may raise my voice at times but importantly it is not out of anger. And with 4 year old triplets discipline is a regular thing in our house.

Stacey and I discussed how we would discipline them before they were even born. We decided on a ‘don’t give in to terrorists’ approach. We new that our situation was going to be challenging so it was important that we got on the same page. Consistency was the way forward.

We worked hard together since they were born. And with Stacey a stay at home parent most of the discipline was down to her during the day. This has caused a few problems, down to me in that I’m a much softer touch. And the girls know it. And play me up at times.

Little monkeys

I have had to become conscious of this, and now that I don’t work afternoons I get more practice at it. When they’re naughty they get one warning then it’s the naughty corner for 4 minutes. Discipline this way has helped with their behaviour, we catch it before it gets out of hand. For the most they are good girls. They have their moments but the biggest problem we as parents have is dealing with the relentless structures of our days. Triplets, even well behaved ones are just hard work.

For me I can slip on the discipline when I’m tired from dealing with them. One warning goes to two warnings and within seconds they are calling the shots. I’m usually slipping by bath time. The end of the day they can be at their most trying and I’m most tired. Stacey msnages to stay on the ball with discipline throughout the day. I have some work to do in that area.

Discipline is an important part of raising kids. We cannot allow them to behave however they want. They need to learn respect towards each other and us. But as long as they give me the sad eyes and pouting bottom lip il probably continue to be the soft touch.

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