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The cost of resentment

No man can bring stability under his roof who is infected with resentment/anger. It will spill into all of his relationships and ultimately it is his family that will suffer. The same goes for women who harbour secret resentments and judgment of others. It is the children that are affected most.

We all experience resentment at some level because we are human. But we are also spiritual beings and resentment is a spiritual force, fed by stress and negative thinking. It is inescapable, stress keeps coming day after day. The more we meet stress from an unconscious state the more resentment we experience. If you have ever lost your temper in a rage you have had a spiritual experience. Just not the good kind.

My father’s morphine addiction and suppressed anger towards his own upbringing destroyed our family and its ripples have continued ever since. He resented fatherhood and my brother and myself were unplanned and paid for his intolerance and resentment from the days we were born.

Since getting sober I have worked with many men and women who also suffered with resentment stemming from childhood. Some did not make it. Their anger ran too deep. And I understand how people pay the ultimate price. I grew up to have serious mental health disorders and it was all linked to the anger I harbored to my own father. His anger became mine and it had been passed down through generations of men in his family. I consider myself lucky to have recovered. To have ended the cycle.

Freedom from the darkness is possible

Becoming free from my anger took a spiritual awakening. An experience of light overcoming darkness from within. One way to get free from resentment is simple. All it takes is a commitment to non contemplative meditation. To allow light to enter and expell suppressed resentment. It is a spiritual liberation that changes everything around how we approach and observe emotions within us. It is a tool that can help us build resilience to stress. Therefore becoming unaffected by it.

The cost of resentment is the destruction of everything worthwhile in life. It is a dark spirit that wreaks havoc and destruction within a person and their relationships. Overcome suppressed anger and master resentment and life takes on a new meaning. We must be willing though to forgive and let go of that which is causing us harm.

Only then do we make a beginning

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