love – Patience – Tolerance

Spiritual growth and fatherhood

As men we have an objective with the arrival of children to support our families. To be men of emotional stability and that means a commitment to growth.

We cannot hang on to character defects that get in the way of our ability to grow as fathers. Parenting comes first and foremost. Our plans and schemes may have to be put on hold as we find our feet in fatherhood. We cannon be selfish, especially in the early day’s of parenting.

When I talk about spiritual growth I mean the principles that we try to live by. Principles such as love and patience that allow our families to thrive under our care. We have to put love at the centre of our homes.

A spirit of forgiveness can help keep relationships tended to in a positive way. We must endure the harder times with tolerance. A marriage is not always plain sailing as we begin the road of fatherhood. Children bring new stress to a partnership. Sometimes the strain can end a relationship. Having kids is tough in many ways, but it is also rewarding beyond words.

My daughters are 14 and 4. My relationship with them is solid. I do my best to work with my wife to stay on track with things like discipline. We have to read from the same page. I need to practice humility at times as a new parent. I have learned the ropes without any fatherly guidance. My relationship with my own father was strained as we were dragged in the wake of his ever deteriorating mental state. So I had to learn from scratch.

But the one thing I intuitively knew from the start of this journey, is that spiritual principles of tolerance and patience can be the foundation of a loving home. And I have been right. My family are growing in confidence and faith as a result of my ability to stay out of anger and fear.

Mastering resentment has given us a solid foundation to work from. We talk out problems as they arise, before they overwhelm us and I am teaching my girls what forgiveness is so that they too can live consciously. Dealing with stress in a positive way without harbouring negative emotions. I believe this to be one of the most important things I can pass on.

So I will stay on this path of spiritual growth. Outgrowing selfishness and fear so that I can be the best version of myself I can be. With faith and love as my guide I don’t believe I can go wrong.

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