love – Patience – Tolerance

And breathe

I am finally out of the dark and am experiencing lower pain day’s. I feel mentally back on track with a much more positive mood. It’s times like these I make the most of my day’s, everything is less of a struggle and i’m reconnected to life after a bad run of mental and physical pain.

My cocktail of medications have finally kicked in after months of tweaking and after a consultation with the pharmacist I am feeling more comfortable with the medications I am taking.

My family life and work are now easier to deal with and I am enjoying both. I am nowhere out of pain but the levels are low. In my back I feel a deep vibration, almost like an electrical current. And my face and head pain has been reduced to sensations. Like crawling under the skin. It’s much better than the electric shocks and burning that i have been experiencing for the last few months.

As a result of low pain my mental health has much improved. The cloak of deppresion has lifted and the hallucinations and voices have fizzled down to manageable levels. I almost remember what it was like before the accident. Meditation has been the tool that has helped me rediscover lost consciousness. I feel awake again.

I know it won’t last but I am not in negativity about the inevitable storm that’s ahead. CPS is a phantom beast. It has given me a break where I can breathe and live again. And whilst my pain is low I can do life with gratitude. And I am thankful for this break and opportunity to be present with my family.

Here’s the free meditation link that has completely changed my approach to dealing with the pressures of life and fatherhood.

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