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2021 Reflection

As a new year begins it’s a good time to reflect on the past twelve months. Not to fall into worry or elation, simply to see if I am living up to the principles that I set myself.

It’s been an up and down journey, some I have struggled with. Living with chronic pain has changed the way I parent. Trips out are depending on my pain levels on that day. It’s just another thing to factor into our days. For the most of it I have just wanted to rest at home. My part time job tires me out and with bouts of self pity I have sunk pretty low mentally.

I have experienced deppresion again, especially when I slipped two discs in my lower spine. I was off work once again and feeling the pressure of financial problems. But life is what it is. I have had to adapt to a new me and stay out of resentment in the process. Meditation and faith have kept me afloat. My wife never worries about me, she knows I always pull through.

We just celebrated 7 years of marriage

As for my family, they are thriving. Stacey is enjoying her volunteering, working with new mum’s. She loves babies and is a natural when It comes to dealing with them. And to our four girls there couldn’t be a greater mother. Her intuition blowes me away. I still follow her lead as a father, she knows how they tick.

The triplets are enjoying school which makes life easier, and it gave Stacey free time for the first time since they were born. They are growing as individuals now and have strong personalities. Ava is a real help and a mother hen to her sister’s, she’s a real mummies girl. Lacey is cheeky and has a wicked streak at times, she’s quite attached to me, if she’s upset she mostly wants dad hugs. Blakely is unique. She has a very different personality to her sister’s. She will happily play on her own and isn’t bothered who’s lap she parks herself on.

Frankie is a typical teenager who hides out in her bedroom. We do see her occasionally, like over Christmas. She is also doing well with her school work. She’s matured so much over this last year. I’m incredibly proud of her.

The stream of life keeps going and I do my best to navigate myself and my family through the stressful times. As dad it’s my job to bring strength and stability. If I’m doing my job everything falls into place under my roof.

I love being a family man. It’s the greatest gift a man could ever have. And it’s a privilege to be a father to my girls and a husband to my beautiful wife. I feel like I’m doing okay. We have a roof over our heads and food on the table. My girls want for nothing so in many ways I have only gratitude each day that I experience real love.

I’m a blessed man.

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  1. God bless you my friend.

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