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Merry Christmas

This has been a particularly challenging year on the parenting front aswell as the pain. But we made it. As a father l look back at the year with a sense of hope. In that my daughters are growing into confident and for the most, kind and caring little girls. I couldn’t be prouder.

The curly mops

Frankie has also done some serious growing up this year, she happy and enjoying her teenage years. My wife Stacey has had a busy year and is now a fully trained breastfeeding pier support worker. She works for a charity in our local area helping new mum’s out. She even organised a fund raiser recently. I am also proud of her and her efforts.

We have made to celebrate Christmas with Stacey’s family. It’s a busy house, especially with the triplets so excited about Christmas this year. They are still hard work, but we continue to rise above the challenges together. With love and patience at the centre of our home.

A natural mother

My hope for the new year is that we keep moving forward as a family. That we overcome the inevitable challenges and pressures that come with multiples. And I wish a merry Christmas to you. May your new year be filled with moments of love and joy. And that you get a little bit of what you want and all you need x

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