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This week, after weeks of practicing at home our girl’s school class put on their nativity. We were interested to see how they reacted in front of a big audience. Thankfully they loved every minute.

Ava was a shepard, lacey an angel and little Blakely was a camel. They all sang beautifully and danced, all with confidence. They all played their parts with big smiles on their chops.


I am very proud of them all. It can be scary to perform in front of a lot of people.


It was lovely to see them so exited. They have been looking forward to it.


I love that schools still keep the tradition of the nativity alive. It is after all the true meaning of Christmas.

We have so many great memories of our girl’s already, the many milestones they have reached over the last four years. Their first nativity is something we will always remember.

They continue to learn at a fast pace. They enjoy school and learning and are always excited to show us what they have been up to during the day.

We were lucky we were able to attend the nativity with all the Covid-19 restrictions coming into place. Now we are just going to enjoy Christmas as a family. After the last year we have earned some joy. And for me I am praying for low pain day’s without any hospital visits or bad flare ups. My fingers are crossed.

I hope you are all getting into the Christmas spirit without too much stress. May you enjoy this time of year.

2 responses to “Nativity”

  1. Beautiful photos t today. Great having a lit little girl and you have three to enjoy.

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    1. Daughters are great. They are a funny little gang


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