love – Patience – Tolerance

Learning on the job

This blog has been going for 4 years now. And in that time I have documented my experience through the trials of new fatherhood. I have got some of it right – and some wrong. But through it all I have remained conscious of my role as a dad to 4 girls. I have done my best despite the obstacles in my path.

It’s been a long road that has flown by, from bringing them home to now being full time at school. Frankie is now a fully fleged teenager with a mind of her own, navigating her own path through high school. We are all on a journey that is filled with moments of love and stress in turn.

There has been nothing normal about our situation. It’s a tough gig that I have had to remain awake for. As the only man of the house I have a big responsibility. As I have said before, I am the man they will judge all other men by. That’s a big deal however you dress it up.

The main thing I have learned through it all is to not have expectations. This has been a new experience for me and in the beginning I had ideas on how my children would be with the right discipline and guidance. I put my faith and the principles of love and tolerance at the centre of my home. That, I thought would be enough. I have had to learn how to be a father.

We must be doing something right. Our girl’s are all growing up with confidence. I have an amazing wife and we work as a team to raise our family. Since the accident I have had to adapt to a chronic nerve pain condition. Even with CPS I have found a way to stay strong for my family.

I’m a blessed man and have nothing but gratitude for the life I have now. It’s relentless, stressful and hectic as you can probably imagine.  The trio drive us crazy at times but we can only keep on moving forward with life. And with love and tolerance we have all we need to manage the cards we have been dealt.

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