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The lockdown generation

The triplets have finally began school full time. It’s good for them and a much needed break for us. They enjoy it but from speaking with the teachers it’s clear that the trio, especially Ava, lacks confidence.

It’s hardly surprising considering they have rarely had contact with other children since lockdown began. They have had each other so obviously they have become a tight little unit. They play, fight and comfort each other day in – day out.

Before lockdown they had just Started mixing with other kids. Stacey was taking them to a mother and baby group to help them learn to play and share with others. But it was cut short by the pandemic

I know they are not the only kids who have missed out on valuable learning experience at a vital time in their lives. There will be a generation of children affected by the lockdowns we had to live through. Frankie missed out on the social aspect of school and was confined to home learning. She understandably missed her friends and face to face contact.

Lockdown caused all sorts of stresses and pressures. I’m sure the girls will catch up in time, they are all bright sparks and have learned social skills from each other. But they have definitely missed out on crucial interactions. Thankfully they like school and we don’t have any hassle sending them off in the morning. It could be a lot worse.

We are blessed to have healthy girls who are growing in a loving home. There are difficult times and times I get overwhelmed by the stress of our situation but we keep moving forward. Life goes on, sometimes with a few bumps in the road but all-in-all we are coping well. Or as well as we can.

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