love – Patience – Tolerance

Peace at last

Over the summer holidays home-life began to take it’s toll. Dealing with three relentless four year olds would run anyone down. They had stressed us both out to the max and we were counting down the days until they began school.

For the first time since they were born we found ourselves overwhelmed. We were going to bed with a sense of impending doom that in the morning we had to do it all again. It created a bit of guilt in me. As if I was wishing away the day’s and in truth I was. I couldn’t wait for them to start school and give us a break.

Triple trouble

My mental health took a bit of a nose dive over the last couple of months. Between the triplets and central pain syndrome flare ups I was up against it. Meditation kept me afloat; that and a sense of duty to parent our crazy kids. I had no choice but to face each day and do my best to practice love tolerance and patience.

After four weeks of alternative mornings and afternoons they have now finally started school full time. Yipskipitydoo!!! It has been a game changer for all of us. The girls needed a new routine as much as we did. And thankfully they love going to school. Stacey has got her days back to herself to take care of the home and I get an hour free after work which gives me a chance to write without distraction. It’s heaven.

Frankie and I shared a birthday recently and we all went out for a nice meal to celebrate. She’s needed to get back to school herself. Having three little sisters on her case all day has pushed her patience. But now it’s all changed for the better. We also find it easier to parent them after school instead of dealing with them the whole day through. Our tolerance is much better.

Parenting triplets takes grit and determination. It’s a tough gig at times but it is also a journey of shared love. They are a beautiful bunch and I am proud to be called daddy.

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