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The end of a chapter

Today the triplets started school. It wasn’t a case of mixed emotions, we are ready for it and so are the girls.

It feels like the end of an era. We have survived the first four years with high order multiples. And it’s been the toughest gig of my life. And if you have read my book you’ll know that’s saying something!

The heatwave summer they were born in brought hot night’s of sleep deprivation. Wondering if there was an end to the insanity and rising depression I experienced as a first time dad. It hit me hard, as prepared as I felt during the pregnancy, nothing could have prepared me for the reality. With a physical full time job and three dependent babies I struggled to maintain my stability as a father.

But I got through it, faith and meditation kept me afloat at the times I was sinking. Once they began sleeping through the night everything changed. And I became the dad I imagined I could be.

Having triplets was a traumatic experience for both of us. But I dedicated my life to fatherhood. I put my priorities as a dad in front of everything. I wanted to give them love and stability. To be a dad they could love and be everything they needed.

Bliss asleep

The older they got I soon realised the vacuum triplets created. There is little time for anything outside of home-life, they have consumed us and the work is relentless. Now toddlers they bring a whole new set of challenges. They fight and whine and have dragged us both to the edge of insanity at times. But above all they are amazing to see grow.

It’s not all bad though. They are loving, kind and caring with each other and us. The little random hugs with the whispered ‘I love you daddy’ still melts my heart. They are beautiful as much as they are little toe-rags. They have a voice now and can communicate well with us. They love dressing up, books, unicorns and cuddles on the sofa. They amaze me constantly with their attention to the things they enjoy. I love to watch them.

So now they have begun their journey of education and learning. They loved their first day and we got a couple hours free to ourselves. I took the time to meditate and read a little. It felt good in the silence of our house. But now it’s back to the squabbles and upsets, the laughter and joy. And I can honestly say they have been the greatest gift of my life and I’ve never been prouder to be called daddy.

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  1. What an eloquent response to all those experiences. Nothing is either intrinsically good or bad, what is vital is what we make of it. Simon you have every reason to be proud of your family, all five of them. So pleased to have met you and to see the example you are.

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