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Hard work

Yesterday whilst at the play centre, Stacey opened up to me about how stressful she is finding parenting at the moment. And she was relieved when I said I too was not finding it easy of late.

The gang are now 4 year olds. Full of energy and are constantly bickering and whinging, fighting and have little attention to play together. There are times they play nice and are affectionate with each other but it’s rare.

It doesn’t help that they are stuck at home on their summer holidays. We entertain them as much as we can but they are relentless in their energy and ability to fall out with each other. The naughty corner has never been in so much use.

We are keeping on top of discipline to the point that it feels like all we’re doing with them at the moment. They are just hard work. I admitted to Stacey that at the end of the evening there is a certain dread rising in that when I wake up we have to do it all again. There is no escaping our responsibility. We’re both stuck on this rollercoaster.

We are finding releif in the thought that they will be starting school full time in September. We will then have free time to ourselves. With me working part time, writing for the Central Pain Syndrome and keeping this blog going, I will be free to make real time to focus on my writing. Work that I enjoy and keeps me sane at times.

Stacey will also be freed up and cannot wait til September comes. We don’t want to wish away the school holidays. After all it’s also a break for the kids to do fun things but nonetheless our home is a stressful place at the moment. And it’s inescapable.

Having triplets has never been an easy ride. From the time of the pregnancy it has been tough going mentally for both of us. New challenges arise constantly. But when one of the trio comes over for a random hug and a kiss, in that moment we are reminded of the love we have for them.

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