love – Patience – Tolerance


There’s no denying it’s been a stressful year. Having the triplets stuck at home has been a real challenge for all of us. Thankfully the girls went back to school which gave Stacey a break. And a recent spell of hot weather meant we could get back outside to the park and to the pool.

It’s been especially difficult for relatives who have missed seeing the girls. My mum has been in our bubble so was still able to visit us during the lockdown but as for Stacey’s parents who live further away it has been more difficult, a visit to them has been on the cards for a while.

Thankfully the restrictions have now been lifted and life is returning to normal which means we can now visit Stacey’s family. And the triplets have been counting down the days to a visit to Grandma’s house.

It’s a 4 hour drive and the girls do well on a long trip. There’s little complaining and only the odd toilet stop. The last time we visited was Christmas which seems a lifetime ago. We always love a trip to Stacey’s parents, it means a break from our 4 walls and extra help with the girls. We also get the chance to have date night which is rare these day’s. Back home it is still hard to find anyone to babysit the trio.

There is also plenty to do whilst away, from trampoline park’s to the zoo which we will be doing next week. We also have a big park near Stacey’s parents house which the kids never get bored of, and so far we have only had the odd rainy day. Even staying in is easier. They have a much bigger house to run about it. Frankie also gets to spend time with her cousin. She has also been looking forward to a break from studies.

We’re halfway in to our visit and are having lot’s of fun. It may only be a visit to family as our holiday but we are already more relaxed with the extra help. It’s still a test of patience with dealing with three 4 year olds but that’s just the situation we live with from day to day. The girls are at a fun age right now. Everything is exciting and new with means they are easily pleased.

We are making the most of a break from the normal routine, and we deserve it after the year we’ve had. So here’s to fun times and family. And we we are blessed to have such loving relatives.

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