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The simplicity of real meditation

Firstly it’s important to understand that you don’t need a guru. You won’t need to buy any books or attend any classes. There is nothing to buy or learn. Non contemplative meditation is unlike anything out there and practicing it is life changing.

If you are new to meditation or are considering embarking on a practice then look no further. If you are unaware of meditation as a daily practice you may be questioning why you should even bother. Like I did once, you may think it’s for new age hippies or monks and it’s just a wishy-washy practice. Boy, was I wrong!

We live in an ever growing stressful world. As parents we are dealing with children who are exposed to more temptation and pressure than my generation ever was. We have to deal with tantrums and unruly toddlers. Stressed out teenager’s and pandemics that saw us in lockdown. And without a way to stay emotionally solid it’s all too easy to get pulled into the drama. When adults are overwhelmed with emotions it is the children that suffer.

The benefits of mindfulness are now well documented. Doctors, therapist’s and health clinics now suggest it as a way to remain mentally balanced. But there is so much more when meditating without contemplation. There is no fantasising about sun drenched beaches, or hypnotic tools such as focusing on breathing or using mantras. This isn’t an eastern practice. It is not derived from buddhism.

This is about returning to the consciousnes we were born with, before the world and resentment got into us. It is a powerful awakening exercise that free’s us from our resentments and fears and brings us back to a place of natural balance. Where stress can no longer overwhelm us.

Excitement, anger and other emotionally charged feelings create stress on the body. Over time they can cause heart conditions and other physical complications. Real meditation is not about feeling nice and floaty or chasing peace and harmony. It is not a self centred endeavour.

Real meditation is a way to pull back from the stream of thought and detach from emotions. So that they no longer overwhelm us. And it that place of neutrality we discover real freedom and our God given intuition. We find a new path in life and a way to build resilience to stress.

We start to heal from a lifetime of disconnection to love and truth. It’s why real meditation can be painful at times but is vital to our survival.
It is possible to live without resentment. All it takes is a willingness to be still twice a day, and know that you are not God. Then everything changes and you can never be the same.

Just 15 minutes is enough for this powerful awakening exercise to work.

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