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The perfect dad

I rarely take the time to stop and look at myself, to see how I’m doing as dad. But it’s good to reflect now and again to see how I can improve. I’m not the perfect father, I have my shortcomings as we all do. There are always areas I can improve on.

Because of my past it is imperative that I give my children a good foundation to build on. Honesty, love and truth are principles that I try to live by and moving forward with these pillars in place I am working towards being a better man for my kids.

It’s not always easy. Frankie is going through a difficult age. She is now a teenager and that brings It’s own issue like peer pressure from others and trying to find her place in life. I need to be more trusting and hope the way we’ve brought her up will help her stay on the right path. Losing her biological dad to suicide when she was three still affects her. With Frankie I need to practice patience. She is bright young girl and is doing well at school. I am proud of her in many ways.

As for the triplets I know I am a bit of a soft touch which doesn’t always help when It comes to discipline. There are times I give in to their demands when I have already said no ten times. It doesn’t work. They are learning that they can twist my arm, which can cause small rifts between Stacey and me. They need to see me as a man of authority, they will respect me more as they grow and that’s important as they get older. My wife and I need to stick to the same page when it comes to discipline. Because Stacey spends more time with them she is more on the ball.

A gauge of how I’m doing is reflected in my children’s behaviours and attitudes. They are all polite and well mannered for the most. The triplets can be taken out anywhere without any major outbursts. They know how to behave in public which isn’t bad for three 4 year olds. And it has all come down to loving discipline despite my small failures. They already have a good sense of right from wrong which will be vital to navigate their way through life

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a perfect dad. When you add stress to a situation it can be difficult to remain solid. We are all dealing with pressure as parents and there is always room for improvement.

I have learned not to be hard on myself but also be willing to make the changes in my life that will benefit my whole family. And as long as moving forward more than I am going backwards – I’m doing okay.

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  1. Your children are beautiful and they are reflections of the light you shine on them. Your desire to be your best is evident.

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