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The birthday girls!

Last Sunday on the 4th of July, our girl’s celebrated their 4th birthday. It was a fun packed day of celebrations and the trio loved it. They had been excited all week on the count down to their big day.

It was a big milestone for them. This year will see them starting school full time. And to be honest we are ready for it. Especially Stacey who will soon have some free time during the day. She is now volunteering as a breastfeeding peer support worker after studying hard over lockdown. It’s a subject she knows all about after feeding our three for ten moths.

It’s crazy how fast the time has past since they came home. We now have walking, talking little girls who are at such a fun age. Tiring but fun. I still can’t believe I am a father to four daughters, I have my work cut out for me. Frankie herself is now thirteen going on twenty-three. She can be more hard work than the triplets at times – but that’s teenagers for you.

The triplets had a low key birthday party due to the Covid-19 restrictions but it was fun never-the-less. They had a bouncy castle and even got a visit from Cinderella which freaked them out a bit. But they soon came around.

The triplets were exhausted by the end of the day and so were we. Stacey worked hard to organise and plan their birthday. From choosing presents to sorting out a visit from Cinderella. It was quite an operation as most things are with triplet toddlers.

Their main present was a bike each. I spent the best part of the Friday night putting them together as they came in a box, which wasn’t stressful at all!

They absolutely love them. Blakely has managed to fall off three times and Lacey once, but they dusted themselves off and got straight back on. Even Stabilisers can’t stop Blakely hurting herself bless her. It’s always Blakely that seems to hurt herself. She’s also been to hospital this week after biting through her tounge after tripping over another girls foot at playschool.

So it’s been pretty hectic since I last posted but we’ve had lots of fun. And fun is important for all of us.

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