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One last week of the three’s

I was told by other parents how fast the time flies with young children. And it has certainly been the case for us. From dealing with lockdown and all the added pressure to watching the triplets grow and develop, this last year has flown by.

Ava, Blakely and Lacey are growing into kind polite little girls. We can take them out anywhere and they always behave. They do have the occasional tantrum at home but it’s to be expected from three year olds. All in all they are good girls and we really couldn’t wish for more.

After school art time

It’s hard to believe that they will be 4 this coming 4th of July. A date they share with American independence day, much to the joy of my American friends. We will be celebrating with family and friends at a picnic which we hold for them every year. Unfortunately we can’t do everything we wanted for them due to lockdown restrictions. But will make the most of their day.

It only seems like yesterday that we were suffering from sleep deprivation and I was losing my mind with the stress of early fatherhood. I struggled badly in the first few months but pulled through and adjusted to my new role.

There are so many milestones in the first few years. From saying their first words to growing out of nappies. They seem to have grown so fast, especially over this last year. They can now hold a conversation with us and are less stressed as we now understand what they are saying.

It has been, and still is a relentless ride. Even though they are good girls for the most, there is still three of them with boundless energy. They keep us on our toes and remind me constantly of my need to practice patience and tolerance. Without a daily meditation practice I would only struggle more. I don’t believe I would cope with it all.

And now we have made it as a family to 4 years with them. They turned our world upside down and now we couldn’t imagine life without them. It is hard work, and causes a strain on us at times but we work together to make it work. Team work is vital with multiples.

I thank God every day for entrusting our girl’s to us, as tough as it gets at times.They have blessed our lives and continue to amaze us.

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