love – Patience – Tolerance

A spiritual path

Eight years ago I made the decision to dedicate my life to living a new way. To walk a more ulturistic path. It was a spiritual experience which brought with it the expulsion of my obsession to drink that triggered the change in me.

A life as an alcoholic wasn’t all bad. There were good times and terrible times. The problem was that I was consumed by me. By my fears and anxieties. I was driven by a spirit of resentment. One that took me to suicidal thinking on many occasions. It was no way to live a long and happy life. I also became very unpredictable with alcohol in me.

From the spiritual experience came faith. One that wasn’t reached through reading books or joining a religion. It came as a direct result of hitting a rock bottom, one like I had never reached before. A supernatural power of love did for me the impossible and relieved me of my alcoholism in a single moment. One that shocked me to the core of my being.

From that moment my life inexplicably changed. No longer consumed with myself I took more of an interest with others wellbeing. I wanted to give instead of take. It was at two month’s sobriety that I met Stacey who would become wife.

Nothing has contributed to my wellbeing and growth more than non contemplative meditation and ongoing concious awareness. I have overcome anger and outgrown my fears with a daily practice. It has allowed me to be the father I have always wanted to be. I have broken the cycles of abuse in my family by practicing patience and tolerance. By putting the principle of love at the centre of my home.

Life is full of stress and the temptation to resent my situation rises often, especially as a dad of multiples. Add a chronic nerve pain condition into the mix and some days are tougher than others. But the one thing that is certain is that I will always do my best to move forward. To grow on the spiritual path I have chosen.

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